Naresh Devineni is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and a Faculty Affiliate at NOAA-Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology Center in The City University of New York’s City College. He holds an MS and PhD in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University. He did his post-doctoral studies at Columbia University. He also worked as a Consultant for the World Bank for brief period in 2009. He has diverse interests in hydro-climate modeling and extremes analysis, statistical methods, water sustainability and risk assessment and water systems analysis. He is motivated by challenging problems interfacing human needs, engineering innovation and scientific advancement.


Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Award, Oakridge Associated Universities (ORAU) for 2015 – 2016. 35 applicants are selected among 134 from 115 associated institutions.

Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Scholarly Achievements and Contributions, CUNY “Salute to Scholars”, 2014, 2015.

Emerging Scholars Award (finalist) for Global Water Forum’s discussion papers on global water issues, 2012. 10 finalists are selected from 800 entries globally.

Outstanding Student Paper Award under Hydrology section, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California for the presentation based on Master’s thesis research. Outstanding student paper awards were awarded for top 5% out of a total of 650 student papers presented in the Hydrology Section, Dec 2007.

Invited Talks

5th CUAHSI Biennial Symposium “Finding Your Place in Big Data: Using Observations to Understand Hydrologic Processes for Predicting a Changing World”, America’s water in the 20th century: Measures to address climate induced risk, National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, July 2016.

Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Workshop on Challenges of Urbanization, Shining India? Assessing and addressing the risk from an unsustainable trajectory of climate, water, food, energy and incomes, April 2016.

American Museum of Natural History’s Series of Conservation and Environment, Water for the future, February 2016.

AGU Nonlinear Geophysics session on Hydrologic Dynamics and Analytics: Scaling of extreme rainfall areas at a planetary scale, San Francisco, December 2015.

Conservation International workshop on Freshwater Health Index, California, December 2015.

UN Sustainable Development Goals Circular Science Symposium, CUNY Graduate Center, New York, September 2015.

Faculty Mentor for CUNY CREST’s High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of Earth System Science and Engineering (HIRES), Summer 2015.

Panel of Climate Change, 1st International Conference on Historic Links between USA and Spain, From Climate to Water Risk Management, Multi-scale Strategies and Uses, Alcala, Spain, April 2015.

AIG Seminar Series, Climate Induced Hazards: Prospects for Modeling Multi-attribute and Portfolio Risk, with Prof. Upmanu Lall, New York, February 2015.

Plenary Discussion, International Conference on Climate Change Innovation and Resilience for Sustainable Livelihood, Kathmandu, Nepal, January 2015.

Keynote Speaker, Securing the Future of India’s Water, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, India, January 2015.

NOAA CREST Brown Bag Seminar Series: America’s water risk: Current demand and climate variability, April 2014.

Panelist and Faculty Mentor for World Economic Forum’s Global Leadership Fellows Training Program: Climate change risk and response, A New York City case study, July, 2013.

Panelists, CSR as a Driving Force behind PPPs: A Case Study in Water Sustainability, CSR Americas, May 2012, Quito, Ecuador.

World Bank discussion on India Food Security Reforms: India can feed itself, raise farm incomes, shift crops, save water and energy: Optimal dreams, January 2011, Washington DC.

IRI Seminar Series: Improved prediction of winter precipitation and temperature over the continental United States: Role of ENSO state in developing multimodel combinations, October 2010.

In the News

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