Gripe on Units and Conversions

I went to DUANEreade to get an instant photograph. I wanted a 4 cm by 3 cm photo. The photographer, who is also the store manager was not thrilled at this prospect since his camera did not carry 4 by 3 option. However, since it had 43mm by 33mm option, I asked him to use that. The picture is taken, the prints are out and he used the standard paper trimmer to give me 25mm by 25mm photo. I don’t possess a sharp measuring eye, but this clearly did not look like what I asked for. I requested him to check the size once again since this was clearly looking anomalous. He gave me a startled look and said it was accordingly to what I asked for. He even browsed through his smart phone for 5 minutes to convince me that 4cm by 3cm = 40mm by 30mm. Unfortunately, his validation should have been using the ruler or the measuring scale on his paper trimmer and not the phone.

I am not giving up.. I went to the stationary section, grabbed a ruler and proved to him that he gave me a 25mm by 25mm photo. He clearly did not like this verification and hesitantly agreed to take another photo. So, the photo is take again, printed out (only this time, he used the option of 43 by 33 on his computer) and trimmed. All the while he alluded to his 30 years photography experience where he never encountered a customer who asked for a passport sized photo that is 40 by 30 and that the standard size he is used to is the 25 by 25. I thanked him, paid at the checkout and left. I am never going back to DUANEreade again for an instant photograph even for a standard size of 25 by 25.