This is an old post when I first got my iPhone. I still like my 5s but may be it is time to upgrade to the 6 series.

January 17, 2014:

For some time now, as I am about to get off the bus every day in Weehawken, I am counting the number of people who are busy with their smart phones. The bus carries about 50 passengers and almost always 40 of them are either on “game center”“networking” (Facebook blah blah) or music (mostly iTunes). I was among the few who are left out of the action, perhaps because of my adamancy on pretending to be a medieval person.

Not anymore, as I recently switched to the most elegant smart phone in the market, the one and only iPhone 5s. Indeed, we have made amazing technological progress since the medieval age and the recent smart phone revolution personifies this brilliance. This is not meant to be a review for iPhone 5s as I am still naïve to smart phones, but soon I may have to participate in the eternal debates of iPhone technology vs Android technology. I just hope that it won’t end up like emacs Vs vim. I created a chronology of my exposure to phones that dates back to the antique ringer phone. Have you given a thought about how may phones you had?


  1. What made you feel iPhone 5S to be insufficient? Is there anything in particular that version 6 can do that 5s can not?

    I have been reading some articles/blogs about the scale environmental damage caused by discarded cell phone batteries and parts. I wonder if old cell phones can be recycled for parts. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I think modular cell phones will help solve this issue to some extent.

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