Water Analytics

Modeling Hydrologic Systems and Developing Integrated Risk Hedging Methods using Multi-scale Climate Information


In the Water Analytics Group, we are focused on assimilating knowledge in science and engineering and developing an integrated science based approach to finding solutions for societal problems. We work on a domain of issues related to Hydrology and Water Resources Management that require a rigorous systems based inquiry, and involve methodical uncertainties quantification. Large scale issues in hydroclimatology and their relations to oceanic, atmospheric, and land surface conditions and issues of global and regional water sustainability form the crux of our research.

Current initiatives

Water Risk and Drought Initiative: Understanding the exposure of a region to climate and demand induced stress and developing supervised scenarios to increase its resilience to periodic shocks.

Water Sustainability and Economy Initiative: Exploring how climate variability and changing water demands manifest as water deficits and how economics and public-private management decisions determine regional water availability and drought resilience.

Floods Initiative: Developing space-time stochastic models for flood risk estimation.

Continental Paleo-hydrologic Initiative: Continental scale modeling of low frequency climate variability, particularly at decadal and longer time scales through paleo-reconstruction of continental streamflow.