Resolution: Data Analysis Made Easy for a Million People

I will create a platform to make data analysis easy for atleast a million people.

I am not an expert in statistics by any means. I have a Civil Engineering degree with water resources and hydroclimatology background. As a necessity, I picked up the statistics and data analysis concepts from my mentors and several experts in the field. I use them regularly, and at a fairly advanced level in my investigations and research. Over time, I have gained confidence and reasonable expertise that enables me to teach data analysis for undergraduate and graduate level students in an engineering school. I have also been successful in my teaching and somewhat popular among students. I feel well trained and equipped for this battle.

I clearly understand that there may not be a million people who are interested in data analysis. If my mission succeeds, I will have created interest in more than a million people. Whether I succeed or not, is up to Time. If I succeed, the world will be a better place with more analytical people. If I fail, atleast I will fail spectacularly.

Over the next few blog posts, I will reveal more details about the platform.

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