We win EPA’s Campus RainWorks Challenge

A big round of applause for our students Lawrence Vulis, Agata Bugala, Uziel Crescenzi, Alexander Fenichell and Deanna Greene for winning the 2016 EPA’s Campus Rainworks Challenge. They developed a master plan (Castor Project) for our Campus to capture rainwater. The Castor Project design is a novel climate-informed, optimal system for campus-wide stormwater management. It gives options to reduce stormwater runoff between 10% to 20% and increases permeable area from 8% to between 9-10%. They also plan to teach college and high school students about stormwater and water conservation. This project is a significant step towards improving stormwater management for New York City and campus sustainability for CCNY.

You can look at the master plan and the design boards here.
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