What is Hypergeometric Distribution?

If there are R Pepsi cans in a total of N cans (N-R Cokes) and we are asked to identify them correctly, in our choice selection of R Pepsi, we can get k = 0, 1, 2, … R Pepsi. The number of correct guesses and the probability of correctly selecting k Pepsi cans is Hypergeometric distribution.

Hypergeometric distribution is typically used in quality control analysis for estimating the probability of defective items out of a selected lot.

The Pepsi-Coke marketing analysis is another example application. Companies can analyze the preferences of one product to other among a subset of customers in their region.

Learn more about Hypergeometric distribution and how to derive the probability from the ground up in lesson 38 of our data analysis classroom.

Lesson 38 – Correct guesses: The language of Hypergeometric distribution

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